The shamisen is divided by the thickness of the pole (part of the tree, neck).There are “thin rod(HOSO-ZAO)” “middle rod(CHU-ZAO)” “thick rod(HUTO-ZAO)”.

The shamisen of NAGA-UTA (used for accompaniment of kabuki etc.) is “thin rod”.Shamisen used for KO-UTA, JI-UTA, TOKIWADU, KIYOMOTO, SHINAI etc. is “middle rod”.GIDAYU and TSUGARU SYAMISEN are called “thick rod”.

Originally the Tsugaru Shamisen was an accompaniment instrument for KADODUKE and Tsugaru folk songs.KADODUKE is playing the shamisen at the entrance of the house and getting money and rice.Recently, We have been playing only with the Tsugaru shamisen, and often playing with the Western instrument. It can be said that most of the songs of the Tsugaru Shamisen are ad-lib and easy to match other instruments.