Shishimai is a representation of traditional culture of Japan

The Lion Dance (Shishimai in Japanese)

Shishimai is a type of Japanese traditional dance.
It uses a hand-held lion head puppet, mainly wooden.
Shishimai is an expression of Japanese traditional culture
through performing arts.

Sacred Nature of the Lion Dance

The Lion Dance is often seen during New Years events.
It confronts misfortune at the beginning of the year.

The Shishi eats the misfortunes of the people.
It pretends to bite their heads, consuming their troubles.
Thus we hope to enjoy good health and happiness throughout the year.

Lion dance “luck charm”

The Lion Dance is an “auspicious” occasion,
bringing good luck to Japan since ancient times.

Lion Dance offers hospitality to domestic and foreign guests

Wedding parties, festive company functions,
and various organization events host Shishimai.
It’s a popular way to welcome guests from abroad at such receptions.
The Lion Dance appears on days of celebration.

Auspicious Lion Dance

Japanese culture and customs have long been rooted in “feelings of hope and happiness.”
Lion Dance is a leading Japanese symbol of blessings and good fortune.

These days it’s common to find people who have never seen Shishimai

In the past it was everywhere.
What was once ubiquitous can now be thought to be valued even more for it’s rarity.
Relatively few people, even Japanese, have actually witnessed a live appearance.

To request an appearance of the Lion Dance, Shishimai

JAPAN cell phone: 080-2213-4378
or email
Please specify the date, time, type of event, audience specs, and budget, Complete and concise information will help the process move smoothly.
While it may sometimes be possible to appear on short notice, even responding to calls just a day before an event, booking farther ahead is advised whenever possible. January, and the wedding season are times when prior booking is especially important.


Ashinaga Lion Dance (new repertoire)

This collaboration with a “Western stilts” performer is Japan’s
first ever “Ashinaga Lion dance”.
Offered beginning September 2016, performed so far only in Japan, this performance is unique in the world.
This Lion Dance occurs at the height of 3meters from the ground.
This Lion Dance creates a dynamic facet to any celebration atmosphere.
It adds a powerful presence that can not be imitated anywhere.
It is the only one of it’s kind in Japan, and the world.